Our Story

Ruby Organics was born from a love and respect for nature, earth, and all beings. One of the things that make our products so unique is our use of one of Earth's most incredible minerals, Shungite. The healing properties of this mineral have been used and studied for centuries. We were first introduced to this incredible mineral by a friend who taught us how to make shungite water when one of our animals was sick. We began to use and study the mineral and were completely astonished by our results. At first, we wanted to make products for ourselves, as well as friends and family. When we realized how amazing what we created was, we wanted to share it with the world, and that’s how Ruby Organics came to BE.

Ruby Organics Is Rooted In Truth, Simplicity, Love, And Service.






Truth: We will always be truthful about what is in our products and the results that we have with them.

Simplicity: Keep things simple. Our mission was to create ONE cream, that is good for your skin, everywhere. It’s all skin and can benefit tremendously from our cream. As we develop new products we will be keeping the same simplicity in mind, only the best ingredients, for your ENTIRE body.

Love for all Beings: We will not use ingredients that harm the environment, the habitats of other beings, or your body.

Service to all Beings: Our philosophy is rooted in our belief that we are all connected and what you do to/for one, you do to/for all. We donate 10% of all profits to Happy Tales Animal Sanctuary, the reason this product exists. Happy Tales is a not for profit we founded in 2011, to provide a permanent, loving, home for animals in need and to educate the public about these animals, their habitats, and the Earth’s great need for conservation and preservation. If you want to know more, you can read about Happy Tales here.