Susan Turner

Being able to purify our water with the Shungite has brought us peace of mind. We already filtered our drinking water, but with so many contaminants, many of which we really may not even know of, the added protection of filtering with shungite is reassuring, plus we get delicious drinking water. Win win! The hand lotion is divine, and once again, not having to worry about what we are putting on our skin, and knowing that it is as purifying as it is wonderfully moisturizing, is awesome!


Morgan Levine

"After countless trips to the dermatologist and many corticosteroid lotions later, I cannot believe that all I needed was Shungite Cream to clear up my extensive rash. Shungite cream is my savour and everytime I see a new patch of rash, I instantely slather on the shungite cream and it clears up overnight. I can finally wear my hair in a ponytail and short sleeves again because shungite cream has completely cleared up my skin. I am so thankful to get rid of all the chemicals and use something natural on my body that actually works. I have recommended this product to so many people and I will never go back to the dermatologist or chemical lotions again. Shungite cream has saved my skin and given me back my confidence."


"Upon the recommendation from the awesome people at Ruby Organics, I began to use the shungite cream for a psoriasis condition. Not only is it wonderful to help minimize the symptoms, it is amazing on any skin irritation or dryness as well! Fantastic product!"

Sandy NY

I would like to share my experience using Ruby Organics Shungite Cream. Last summer I underwent a bilateral knee replacement surgery which left me with 4 1/2 inch vertical incisions on my legs. There obviously was much healing that needed to take place. Approximately ten days after the surgery when the staples were removed from the incisions, I began using the Shungite Cream on the incisions twice a day in the morning and at night. Within a week of using the cream my physical therapist started commenting on how well the incisions were beginning to heal. I kept using the cream and actually increased using it to three times a day because I was excited at the visible difference in my scars.

I truly believe that the speed at which my scars healed was totally due to the use of Shungite Cream. Not only did it heal the actual incision to a "fine line" but also the surrounding tissue where the staples were is virtually invisible. There is no thickness in the scars or any type of raised tissue whatsoever. If you run your finger over the scar it feels just like the surrounding skin. I actually have pictures of the incisions right after surgery and the way they looked a mere 3 months later.

Any professional that has had to examine my knees for any followup care has always commented how well the scars look.

I have also used this product on any skin irritation that I may experience. From burns to rashes to dry skin it is very soothing, moisturizing and healing. I find the healing properties particularly amazing and always look forward to using the product. I have even used it on irritations that my dog develops and find it amazing for him as well. There really are many many uses for this product both medically and cosmetically

Kathy K

I’m 65 years young and consider myself to be very active and health conscious. Over the past year however, I began experiencing pain and inflammation especially in the joints in my hands. I’ve always gravitated towards natural remedies so when my friend developed Shungite cream I was very excited to see if its healing qualities might help with the inflammation in my joints. I’ve been using the Shungite cream for approximately four weeks and have been amazed at the results. Not only are my hands extremely soft and hydrated but I’ve experienced a noticeable relief to my joint pain and stiffness. I’m a believer in Shungite cream!